Size Chart

            Stomach        Pad

                  Diameter     Width     Weight

Small -        10" - 20"       3.5"      15 - 25 lbs

Medium -   20" - 30 "      4.5"      25 - 55 lbs

Large -        20" - 30"       5"          55 - 70 lbs

XLarge -     30" - 40"       7"          70 - 130 lbs

- Post Surgery

- Senior Citizen
- General Disability

 Our Story

There is a special bond between people and their best canine friends. They are loyal and unconditionally loving, so when my best bud needed me, I wanted to be there for him.

My dog “Bo" was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at one year old. I knew the road ahead would be rough, and at times painful, but it was my duty to give my best friend the best life I possibly could. He was my special boy.

Bo’s hip replacement helped but with other medical conditions he was at times a little less spry than the rest of the pack (my husband and our two other dogs), but his natural love for his family led him to always be on the move with us.

As Bo got older, arthritis set in and his mobility became more and more challenged. Of course we tried everything to comfort him in times of need: medication, laser therapy, you name it! I purchased a few harnesses with varying successes, but they were still not quite what Bo needed.

I have a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and designing has always been a passion in life, so I decided come up with something that would fit all of Bo's needs. I developed the Comfy Dog Hip Harness to fit all of his needs. It’s easy to take on and off, has built-in elastic for flexibility, and it is designed to be worn while napping or resting. The comfortable handle makes it easy to help him go to the bathroom, greet a visitor at the door, or help load in the car.

I know how hard it is to watch your best friend suffer, and my goal is to help all dogs with special needs live in comfort and integrity. Bo passed away at 14 years old. We were so thankful that we could give him the love and comfort he needed. I hope it can help you, too. ​​      


​                                                                           -Courtney Landry

       How we are Different 

- Patent Pending

- Designed for Male and Female

- Mobility Made Easy

- Quick and Easy On/ Off

- Machine Washable

- Handmade in USA

Handmade Pet Products in the USA

* Always ask your vet if this product is right for you and your pet

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Small -          $28.00 

Medium -     $33.00

Large -          $38.00

XLarge -       $43.00